Ginnekenweg 62 Breda - T: 076 889 62 35

Home-made products – in cooperation with the Eyserhalte from Limburg – will allow you to enjoy Block62’s flavours on a daily base.

Here you will also find a wide variety of Asian + western favourites, which you can easily prepare at home (and recipes are available).

From marinades to dressings and sauces to deserts; most products can be found back on Marcel’s menu in the restaurant.

Limburgse specialities in Brabant; in cooperation with the Eyserhalte – where Marcel has worked for 2 years – treats from the south of The Netherlands as well as home-made products are being sold at Block 62 (and can be found on the menu of the restaurant).

Jams – Chutneys – Dressings – Sauces – Spreads – Apple juice and much more…