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Angèle with her mother

1887 is the year that the “herenhuis” in which Block 62 is situated was built. Angèle spent the first 10 years of her life in this house, where her parents successfully ran a Chinese-Indonesian restaurant from 1970 – 1981, after which they sold their business and rented out the building.

1992 – Angèle commences her studies at the Hotel Management School The Hague.

Meanwhile in Switzerland, Marcel has spent his younger years in the kitchen admiring his mom’s cooking, and this is where his love for food was born… At the age of 15, he starts to work part-time in several restaurants in Kanton Bern. Three years later he completes his internship at the prestigious “Jungfrau Victoria” in Interlaken, and commences his career in several top restaurants in Switzerland. At the age of 22, adventure is catching up with Marcel, and with the knowledge of only 3 English words at that time, he travels the world, while working on a luxurious cruise-liner for 3 seasons.

With the many places visited, Marcel dreams of one day working + living in Asia… A chance that comes his way, after first working 2 years in New Zealand, followed by 5 years in Australia (where he also obtains citizenship). In 2001 Marcel moves to Bali – Indonesia, where he successfully opens a boutique hotel as Executive Chef, and afterwards works 4 years for Aman Resorts.

Angèle’s upbringing in Breda is a mix between the Dutch + Chinese culture, however until 1991 (which is the year that she makes her first Asian trip), she feels mainly Dutch! To her parents great surprise, Angèle chooses Hong Kong as the destination for her first internship during her college years, and this is where she experiences true Asian hospitality with a taste for more… and therefore she also takes on the opportunity to finish up her studies with a management internship in Phuket – Thailand.

The plan was to spent 2 to 3 years in Asia to further gain experience, before coming back to The Netherlands… The reality turns out to be a total of 14 years in Asia in 6 different countries: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Maldives, Indonesia and back to Thailand, where in 2005 Angèle works as the pre-opening Assistant General Manager for the newly developed lifestyle Dusit D2hotel in Chiang Mai.


2006 – Marcel is seeking a new working challenge, and joins the recently opened Chedi hotel in Chiang Mai.


Angèle and Marcel on Block 62 bike

Chiang Mai is the 2nd largest city in Thailand, but with a mere 250.000 inhabitants, it almost feels like a village… Marcel + Angèle meet each other socially on a regular base and also as their hotels are competitors! In this city the first plans are born to possibly start a business of their own one day…. Both in their mid-thirties, Marcel + Angèle share the same dreams + goals in life, and therefore decide to take on a sabbatical and travel around the world for 4 months! While on this trip in Buenos Aires, the idea comes to mind to start a bed + breakfast with restaurant…


At the start of 2008, Angèle’s parents wish to sell their property at the Ginnekenweg… Marcel + Angèle – recently returned from their world trip – decide to check it out… and although the building is completely rundown, potential can be seen…


Marcel + Angèle decide to work one more contract in Thailand – while students of the Hotel Management school take on Block 62 as a final project to find out the feasibility of the plans – and succeed in finding a job together at Six Senses Resort in Thailand.


At the start of 2010 both return back to Europe and settle into Maastricht, where Marcel has time to get adjusted to the Dutch way of life…learn the language and gains working knowledge as a Sous Chef at the Eyserhalte in Eys. Angèle works at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, where she assists the opening of the Teaching Hotel and has time to get “re-acquainted” with her home country…


And now… 2012… Block 62 – eat – shop – sleep – an unique hospitality concept in Breda… in Angèle’s former home – which exists 125 years (and has undergone tremendous renovation/refurbishment)!

With Block 62, Marcel + Angèle aim at both young + old, business or leisure – a unique product, where we aim to exceed your expectations!

Update June 2018

Saturday June 2nd 2018 was the last day of Block 62, after which Marcel & Angele will cycle on to a new adventure in their lives! Thanks so much for your support over the past years!